Saturday, 1 January 2011

A new year a new plot!

We got our official letter saying we could have the whole of the plot just before Christmas, we were really lucky as our friends have moved to Scotland and had let us use a half of the plot last year and thanks to them writing a letter to the Council as they had worked the plot for 20 years it was agreed.
So now I have all the space I need for my dahlias and also to grow more veg.

I have decided to do this blog as a record of what we have done when and what varietys etc I have also decided I will take a photo every 1st of the month at least so we can see what differences have taken place (I will take one 2mrw)

So what have we done today on the 1st of Jan 2011?
  • Taken down the rotten posts that were holding the blackberry bush up
  • dismantled the compost bin (it was looking decidedly rickety)
  • made a great big bonfire heap ready to burn when its a little drier
  • Rob has made up our cold frame - it was so funny its only a little cheap thing we got it half price should have been £15 its a botanico single cold frame,but it must have taken him over an hour to do, there was more parts to it than what there was to our bed lol! and we have another one to make up too! I am going to use these to put my sweet peas in once they are started.
  • Planned a little on how we are going to do the plot
  • browsed through Halls of Heddon catalogue and finally decided which dahlias we are going to get (has only taken 5 months)

So the final list of what we are ordering is

Kenora Sunset - Medium cactus

Marys Jomanda - Minature ball

Jomanda - Minature ball

Ryecroft Brenda T - Small decorative

Ruskin Myra - Small cactus

Westons Spanish dancer - Minature cactus

Minley Carol - Pom (orangey)

Blyton Softer gleam - Small ball (orange)

Ryecroft Rebel - Medium decorative (white with lavender flush)

Brians Dream Minature decorative (white with lavender flush)

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