Saturday, 8 January 2011

8th Jan

Well today we laid down 3 rolls of weed fabric that we bought in the sale for £5 each they were 12m long by 1 m, so they went all the way across the plot which is approx 10m wide.

The first strip will be a path alongside the blackberries and raspberries, the next strip we will be moving some fruit bushes to and then the last strip we will put our apple trees and hopefully another two trees yet to be decided!

I am going to get the seeds out in a minute to see when we need to start sowing each thing, now Rob is on about getting a 8x6 greenhouse to do seeds in even though we are meant to be getting a polytunnel next year, at this rate we will have no room for the veg!

I have also decided I am going to do potatoes in bags in a trench this year for exhibition, when I get paid on Friday I can start ordering lol

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